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Affordable Jacksonville Wedding DJs & Photographers

Delighted you have stopped by.  Everyone asks " Where can I find a reasonably priced DJ or wedding photographer in Jacksonville that knows what they are doing ?

I'm Dylan, the founder of Affordable Jacksonville Wedding DJs and Photographers. I started the company in Baltimore way back when Clinton was in office.  Wow - phonebook advertising and huge cases of CD's

A good thing eventually gets around, and then I expanded to Virginia PA DC NJ NY, eventually the entire East coast and Gulf Coast, then nationwide in 3 out of 4 times zones in the U.S. with over 350 DJs and wedding photographers I'm affiliated with. Some for more than a decade now.

I was a DJ and wedding photographer for more than a decade myself, so I fully understand what happens in the real world at events firsthand.

Whatever type of event you are throwing - a wedding birthday  retirement party - engagement shoot - I know it's a big deal and an important time in your life, so I take seriously your trust in booking a DJ and photographer.

There are no fancy offices here - in fact no offices at all - this is to save you money. We don't wear tuxes or talk in that cheezy DJ voice. Just a roster of talent that will capture your big day or be just the right soundtrack for a fun night. I have personally worked with many of the DJs and photographers and know who they are, know their skills and track record, and I have personally screened and interviewed them all.

I'm not going to make any grandiose claims or give you hype.  Only that we won't be pricey. They will arrive an hour early with equipment that works, and carry backup, in case it fails - that's what makes us professional.