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Sarasota FL

The elegant perfect sunset beach wedding you've always dreamed about ....or party of the year can be affordable in Sarasota or Manatee County Florida with Affordable Sarasota Bradenton DJs and Wedding Photographers . The big wedding day - you've dreamed about it all your life - now it's here! Congratulations!

O M G Now you are stressing out over the reception costs that keep adding up. Do you get your cousin .... or friend that kinda knows some friend who started taking pictures - to try to be your wedding photographers ? Have you even SEEN an enlargement photo of theirs? What if the only camera she owns craps out during your wedding ceremony? At least a few of your guests will have cell phone pics. !

...... and do you get that guy at the bar down the street who drinks alot to try to be your wedding DJ ? He'll only charge $125 bucks. Will he be on time ? Does he even HAVE The Wedding March ?What if cancels the day before ? Do you know how many calls a year we get from brides a week before the wedding that have ""lost" their DJ ? Are you sure he'll show up ? If either of these amatuars get an offer for $400 more somewhere else....

You don't want either of those disasters at your wedding, right ? We have a better idea, hire a discount DJ / Wedding Photography company with wedding experience. You won't find any fancy offices here - we don't wear tuxes - only those schmaltzy DJs do that in Florida , right? We're just skilled Wedding Photographers DJs and videographers at affordable rates .And that brings you to Affordable Sarasota DJs and Wedding Photographers .

Anyone can buy a department store camera theses days and call themselves a wedding photographer . I'm suprised at how many people email us saying ""I'm throwing a wedding in Sarasota how much is your rate ? "" What you DON'T see in a rate is the photographer 's ability to get the bride and groom to relax and look natural. When clients say "you take great pictures" what that really means is.. we made the wedding party feel at ease to pose for great shots. Let's face it , if you are a bride, have you ever professionally posed in front of a photographer for more than an hour?

Don't worry , when you hire Affordable Sarasota DJs & Wedding Photographers , we will make you look relaxed and natural - the way you really are in real life (Well maybe a little better LOL) because our wedding photographers have the personality to make you feel at ease. That friend of a friend that just bought a camera will NOT know how to make you look candid.

We are highly skilled wedding photographers DJs and videographers but we also shoot DJ parties sweet 16 & quinceanera events as well . Everywhere from Bradenton Bayshore Gardens Palmetto Sun City Brandon and Sarasota Springs, and on the southside Siesta Key ()talk about an amazing place to shoot a wedding) Osprey Venice North Port Englewood and Port Charlotte FL . We've done thousands of events - and the owner, Dylan will book and speak to you directly. And Dylan is not just the owner , but a DJ AND a wedding photographer beach lover and wedding planner . Even though he handles multiple states - everything goes thru him. We look forward to helping you to make this night - the time of your life.

Planning the perfect wedding is one of the most challenging tasks of your life. At Affordable Sarasota Bradenton DJs & Wedding Photographers , we have the finest and most affordable Florida wedding photographers and videographers that will capture the beauty and elegance of your ceremony. We have the industry leading wedding DJs , and party DJs that will work hard to ensure that your guests are energized and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Sarasota County and Manatee County are two of the best places to live and host a wedding , sweet 16 or quinceanera party. We feel confident that with our wedding and event photography videography and DJ services, you'll have the most amazing memories.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of watching couples and families come together to celebrate a spectacular day. Affordable Sarasota North Port DJs and Wedding Photographers is honored to be a part of it.

SWEET 16 & Quinceanera DJ parties:
We know that a sweet 16 birthday party is one of the most important days of your son or daughter's life. We have significant experience doing Sweet 16 DJ parties, and can provide sweet 16 photography / videography or Karaoke as an added option. We have the latest DJ hits that your teen will want to hear - Top 40 Hip Hop Country Latin Reggaeton Bachata Salsa Rock R and B Techno Swing and Jazz - all at discount affordable rates that won't break your college fund.

If you are planning the wedding sweet 16 quinceanera or party event of the year and are looking for the people to see it through with affordable rates, Call Affordable Sarasota DJs and Wedding Photographers and please book early!